Hotchkiss Family News November 2018


2 comments on “Hotchkiss Family News November 2018

  1. Rhonda eisenbacher

    i am a gtandraughter of evern and Charolette anderson. my father was Robert anderson.

  2. Patricia Parker Brown

    Greetings from the UK.

    I think there is some muddle about Shropshire, Essex in England, which is mentioned in the Hotchkiss family history. I am not quite sure why the County of Essex is mentioned, which is situated in the far south east of England whilst the County of Shropshire is situated in the west midlands, some 180 miles away!

    So proud to know that the family were so productive once they emigrated to America. Amazing to think that Thomas Edison had two pairs of Hotchkiss gr gr grandparents.

    All best wishes,
    Trish Brown